English/French. Settler/Indigenous. Eastern/Western. Cool/Chaud. As Canada turned 150, our agency took over Wayward Arts magazine’s first issue of 2017 to explore how the two solitudes of “cool” and “chaud” have helped define the country—for better, and sometimes for the worse.

The first in a series of six to mark the country’s sesquicentennial, this issue was tasked with using the letter “C” (each issue throughout the year will use one of the remaining letters that spell C-A-N-A-D-A) as a point of departure.

In Cool/Chaud, we surveyed the last 15 decades of Canadian culture(s) and scoured through archives to show how the country has changed since its infancy in 1867, blending essays, archival photos, maps and more into a pastiche of Canadiana.

“Easter eggs” abound, from the printed magazine’s width of 186.7 millimeters (based on the year of Canada’s confederation) to hidden images to map coordinates that relate to story content.

The limited-edition bilingual print version is supplemented by a custom website (which we also created), which includes the full French and English versions of the content.

Download the media kit here.

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