Nicholas and Krampus Wines

Every year for the holidays, we like to give our clients a locally crafted item encased in custom packaging.

In 2014, we teamed up with our friends at Angels Gate Winery to deliver our take on the naughty/nice dichotomy: one white wine and one red wine (both 100% Ontario—VQA Niagara Peninsula, to be precise), dressed up as Nicholas and Krampus, those standbys of Alpine folklore (Nicholas is the basis of Santa; Krampus is a horned punisher who has become increasingly popular in North America in recent years—we’d like to claim some responsibility for that).

The scalloped butcher-paper wine labels, featuring stylized depictions of Nicholas and Krampus, are hand-wrapped on the bottle and tied with a decorative string.

The wines arrived at their destinations packaged in an understated black and white box that gave a little more information about the characters and their origins—and an assurance that the wines would be enjoyed by both the naughty and the nice.

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