Account management

One of the most overlooked areas of agency business is the day-to-day logistics of getting the work done. This is where we shine. Our account team, led by Malia Mitchell, Executive Director of Account Services, is united by a single-minded philosophy: to attend to the details of every project, no matter how small or large, keeping it on brand, on brief, on time and on budget.

The importance of the day-to-day work is that it gives us an ongoing channel through which to gain deeper insight into the bigger picture of your business, your challenges and your priorities—which is what transforms our project management into account stewardship.

We can say, without a doubt (at least, according to our clients), that our account stewardship is the best there is.

Long title: 
Success by stealth
Project briefing

A strong project brief is the starting point. It keeps us all on track. We’ll work with you to nail down the details about the audience, format, time frame, quantities, messaging, call to action, desired results, follow-up plans, measurement methods and many more variables. Then you can relax, knowing we’ll take it from there.


Once a project gets under way, all documentation is versioned (copy decks, design presentations, etc.) for easy-tracking purposes. All of our records—quotes, purchase orders, invoices, component lists, timesheet information, etc.—are tracked and managed through our customized, proprietary system. If you want it, we can get it for you, quickly.

If the scope of a project changes—and, let’s face it, it often does—we revise our quote and send it to you, along with any updates on timings and deadlines.


Ever get an invoice that didn’t match the quotation? So have we, and we don’t like it either. Rest assured, any invoice you get from Goods & Services will reference your original quote, so you can be sure we’ve stuck to our promise.

Quotations & estimates

Nobody likes surprises, especially surprises that involve money. We know this—we’re business owners, too. That’s why, once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll pull together a detailed quotation, which breaks down the fees by discipline or phase (concept development, design and production, writing services, digital production, etc.) with projected expenses (print, stock photography, video production, etc.). It’s simple: you decide what you need, we figure out what it will take to get it done, you approve the quotation and we do the work.

Retainer reporting

Do you prefer to work on a retainer basis? We’ll still track our jobs to keep everything organized, and we’ll send you regular statements, just so you know that we’re never burning up hours needlessly.

Scheduling & communications

For every meeting, we capture the details and confirm the specifics in an email, which may include the overall brief, timelines and any major milestones that must be met, a workback schedule (if required), action items for your team and ours, and a list of any outstanding information needed. This helps ensure that we’ve understood what you need, and you understand what we’re delivering. It sounds simple, and it is, but you’d probably be surprised at how often our clients tell us they’ve never seen such attention before.