Brand development

While everything we do falls under the umbrella of “brand development,” this section describes how we articulate a brand and its strategy before the actual implementation begins. It’s the most overlooked part of the marketing process, and that’s a shame, because, without a solid foundation of strategy—which includes understanding your customers and audiences, knowing yourself, knowing your competitors and knowing how to compete on more than price alone—it isn’t real branding. It’s just decoration.

This section describes what we do. Want to see how we do it? Check out our methodology.

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Starting with the right foundation

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Customer research & analysis

We dig deep to find out what your customers’ challenges are, what they really need, and what they think about you and your competitors. From one-on-one interviews to ethnography to focus groups to wide-ranging surveys, we do it, and then we analyze it for you so everything makes sense.

Competitive audits

We don’t just describe what your competitors look like—we delve into what they’re promising, what they’re implying and what your customers think about them. And we use that knowledge to give you a unique competitive edge.

Business analysis

Part of any real branding work is making sure your brand is aligned with your business objectives—what you’re currently doing, and what you could be doing. An aligned brand–business strategy is honest, attainable and strong.

Brand positioning

We’re not talking about market position, or a vague description of your brand that could sound like it came from any one of your competitors. Through our process of brand positioning, we uncover what your customers can and do think of you, and you alone. Then we show you how to use that thinking in a way that’s relevant to your audiences.


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