Having an in-house editorial team is one of Goods & Services’ secret weapons: It’s a secret because many of our clients don’t want editorial help—until they’ve experienced what we can do for them. And it’s a weapon because it gives you a powerful advantage over your competitors.

Communications Director and co-owner, Sue McCluskey, has assembled our editorial team, a group that is talented, curious and fanatical about their craft. We have expertise in journalism, teaching, medical editing, customer research and analysis, publishing, plain-language editing, corporate communications, scriptwriting, presentations, speeches—and, of course, creative copy. We can handle ANY of your writing challenges.

Our writing has been recognized with awards from the Advertising & Design Club of Canada, the Canadian Marketing Association, the Society for Technical Communication and Applied Arts.

Long title: 
From the headline to the bottom line
Brand books & guidelines

Our brand guidelines include graphic standards, of course. But we go well beyond the standard. With our brand books, we help you communicate your brand internally, so that all of your employees understand the important role they play in bringing your brand to life. After all, they’re often the first point of contact your customers have with your company. It’s a good idea to make sure they know what you stand for.

Key messages

A common flaw in marketing communications is that most content creators stop short of asking the question, “So what?” Companies happily create lists and descriptions of product features or services, but never tell customers why they should care. As part of our brand roadmap process, we help you determine your unique differentiators and your customers’ “pain points”—and then we create key messages that communicate the specific ways that you, and only you, can relieve that pain. The result is a solid foundation of language that is benefits-driven and relevant to your customers.

We will warn you, though: one side effect of our process is that it also gets you in the very handy habit of demanding that all your communications answer the “So what?” question.

Naming & taglines

We follow a proven, five-step process for generating names, taglines and naming architectures. Our process begins by clarifying your requirements, allows for an expanse of creative exploration, and ends with our recommendations, accompanied by a clear rationale that explains how they will best meet your needs.

Corporate communications

Need a catalogue, report, white paper, manual, memo or eblast? If you’re communicating to internal or external stakeholders, to friendly or indifferent audiences, we get to the heart of what you need to say—and, just as importantly, to what you want your audiences to do with that information.


When you find yourself staring at that new, blank PowerPoint slide, thinking, “What on Earth am I going to say?” consider this: we write and design some of the best presentations you’ll ever see. Let us show you some samples in person.

Marketing & advertising

From billboard headlines to product brochures, sell sheets, animations and videos, we make it our mission to keep the reader reading or the watcher watching, by being clever, provocative, mysterious, dramatic or just plain interesting.

Branded content

Whether you call it branded content, sponsored stories or good-old-1990s-style advertorial, our writers can give you copy that your customers will actually want to read. That’s because we always tell a good story, no matter what you’re trying to sell.

Online & digital

Writing for online is different from writing for print—but not that different. The biggest contrast is that you have to think in all dimensions, rather than in a linear way. We’re really good at 3-D thinking.


See our “Video & motion” section for details.