Our team will work directly with you on your online initiatives to ensure you’re using the right software, media and tools to reach your audiences most effectively. We offer a seamless approach to web design that incorporates not just a terrific-looking digital experience, but one that’s also mapped, wireframed and developed to be robust, effective, user-friendly and optimized. View some samples.

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From strategy to development to monitoring

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Digital strategy

What do you hope to achieve with your website, news feed, online advertising? Who are you targeting? What do you want them to do? How does this affect your overall brand strategy? While these are relatively standard questions to ask when beginning any “traditional” marketing campaign, you’d be amazed at how many digital campaigns and projects start without a strategy. Don’t start without a strategy.

Social media strategy

See “Digital Strategy” above. Then answer a few more questions: “How often do we need to respond to content? Hourly, daily, weekly?” and “Who is going to monitor and respond to content, and how do we make sure this person is able to do so?” We can help you figure out what in-house resources you need, or we can monitor and manage your accounts for you.

User-interface design

One of the best things about user-interface design is that it combines cool-looking with cool-acting. Because, if you can’t navigate it, all the “pretty” in the world won’t hide that.

Content development

Our full-service editorial team can map it, write it, edit it, proofread it and test it.


A responsive site is just the first step; we also like to create a mobile experience that pays attention to how people actually use their phones. That is, they probably don’t want or need to see your full site. They need what they need on the go.


Have you ever seen a site that’s been optimized to death? You’ll know it if the home page reads, “Goods & Services is a Toronto branding agency. Our marketing and branding agency, based in Toronto, offers branding and marketing, as well as advertising, digital development and graphic design. Goods & Services is also a website company, based in Toronto.”

That’s bad search-engine optimization. There are better ways to optimize—and we can show you what they are.

Digital marketing

As branding experts, we sincerely believe that brand-building takes years, and it’s not something that’s easily measured. As the saying (often attributed to Albert Einstein, but actually from a sociologist named William Bruce Cameron) goes, “Not everything that can be counted counts. Not everything that counts can be counted.”

That said, it sure is fun to see immediate, measurable results sometimes. And that’s one of the coolest things about digital marketing: whether you’re running online ads, Google AdWords or branded content, you get immediate metrics. You can kill off an option that isn’t working, you can adjust your budget to push a concept that is working, and you can do it all on the fly. It’s awesome.

Apps & digital publishing

We were proud to be chosen as a beta-tester for Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite—an honour that gave us a roaring head start on one of the most innovative technologies since the printing press—and we continue to stay ahead of the curve in new technologies for customized app programming and design, as well as digital-publishing development. We also employ cutting-edge cross-device development technologies (and by “cutting-edge,” we mean that the landscape is changing daily), which allow for the creation of rapid, low-cost applications for every mobile platform.

Website development

We create content-managed sites because they give you more options: you can update the content yourself, you can get us to do it, or you can get someone else to do it—whatever works best for you.

As with any medium we work in, our website development starts with rigorous attention to the planning. We start with a sitemap and detail the site’s functional requirements (both today’s requirements and those of the future). Then we create some of the most detailed wireframes you’ll ever see. We also start talking about how you intend to handle your analytics. As always, a little rigour up front equals fewer surprises down the line (and by “down the line,” we mean the weekend before your launch). Trust us, you’ll prefer our approach.