Graphic design

Our company began its life as a small graphic-design agency nearly 20 years ago. Today, company founder and Creative Director, Carey George, still infuses a razor-sharp design sensibility into all aspects of our business. This is what makes our work outstanding in any medium, from traditional print to websites to apps to packaging. If your customers need to look at it, navigate it or interact with it, excellent design is essential.

A lot of agencies create identities, but they stop there. We specialize in creating and implementing brand identities. The implementation experience is the most important part—if your agency doesn’t know how brand identities live and breathe in the real world, how can they create one that works hard for you? Give us a call, and we’ll show you how we bring a brand identity to life.

Long title: 
Creating a visual language
Brand identity, logo & wordmark

Your brand identity incorporates the entire breadth of visual components you communicate to your audiences. Creating one that speaks clearly starts with an in-depth understanding of your business and your audiences, and concludes with your logo, colour palette, typography, photography, illustration, online presence and other visual communications. Check out our branding work here.

Digital design

Our designers work alongside our in-house developers and writers, offering you a seamless, integrated approach to websites, eblasts, app development and digital publishing. We understand the unique challenges of creating successful user-interface design, and we adapt to the constantly changing technologies driving it.

Packaging design

“I’m different! Pick me!” it shouts. “Here are the logical reasons to want me,” it says. “I’ll make you look cool and smart,” it whispers.

Branded environments

From trade shows to retail spaces, branded environments let your customers immerse themselves in your brand experience. Better make sure it’s a good one.


When you find yourself staring at that new, blank PowerPoint slide, thinking, “How on Earth am I going to show this?” consider this: we write and design some of the best presentations you’ll ever see. Let us show you some samples.

Brand implementation & production

We not only create brands, but we also implement them, which means you enjoy the convenience of having all of your marketing materials produced by the team who developed them (and understands them best). We can roll out your messaging and identity elements into all of your collateral, including items such as (but not limited to):

  • brand identity and style guides
  • brochures and reports
  • newspaper, magazine and OOH ads
  • websites and apps
  • digital ads
  • videos and motion graphics
  • newsletters.

Of course, we are also experts in prepress and print management; in fact, we manage print on six continents.