Video & motion

Nothing is static anymore. From animating a logo to bringing your story to life through a video, we can get your brand moving.

Long title: 
Bringing your message to life
Concept & script development

Scriptwriting is described as “writing for ears and eyes.” While we generally encourage a conversational tone for all of your content, our scriptwriting takes “conversational” to its maximum. And word count to its minimum. All while telling a story with a beginning, middle, end—and clear call to action.


Like everything we do, we believe that a clear project plan is the secret to success (and a lot fewer headaches along the way). A strong, detailed storyboard is one of our greatest weapons. If you work with us, you’ll notice a difference.

Video & motion graphics

With video, the variables are endless: uncooperative weather, challenging topics, delayed flights, CEOs who go off script and off schedule—we’ve seen it all, from pre-production to shooting to post-production. We can handle it all, too, with professionalism, a problem-solving attitude and a load of good humour, to deliver a final product that makes it all look seamless. Only you (and we) will know the truth.