Holiday Crackers

Every year, we create a festive holiday gift for our clients; for 2016, our creative team decided to have some fun with holiday crackers.

We searched the globe to capture the most unusual “giving” holiday creatures, creating crackers that include a story unique to each character.

Tio De Nadal, a friendly log found in Spain, is beaten with a stick by children on Christmas eve until it poops out small presents. Yule Cat, a notorious feline native to Iceland, pounces and gobbles up farmhands who haven’t finished their winter’s work. Kallikantzaroi, a southeastern European goblin, creates mayhem for villagers and townsfolk during the 12 days of Christmas, by souring their milk, terrorizing their farm animals and generally being a nasty menace. The final character, Namahage, is a New Year’s ogre who storms into Japanese families’ homes and can only be placated by tasty treats.

To complete the experience, we created a web “click” game app featuring the characters, with an addictive high-score notification and results messages such as, “you’ve disappointed everybody.”

The gift components included crowns and button prizes for each character.

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