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June 2015

Not so flashy

Three words: Adobe Flash Player. Three more words: don’t bother anymore. For most of us, you have the plugin, but you aren’t quite sure what it does (if you’re wondering, it allows your browser to display Flash media such as animation, video and games). It sounds important but, according to Jeff Denham, our Director of Digital, it’s really not. Jeff disabled Flash on his computer a few months ago and is happy to report that, if you do the same, you’ll experience fewer obtrusive ads, be safer from malware and viruses, and “be doing your part to help put the final nail in the coffin of one of the worst things to happen to the Internet.” If you want to de-Flash yourself, below are some helpful instructions.


Type “about:addons” into your address bar
Click “Plugins”
Change “Shockwave Flash” plugin to “Never Activate”


Go to “Preferences”
Click “Security”
Click “Website Settings”
Next to “Internet plug-ins”, select “Adobe Flash Player” and change to “Block”


Type “chrome://plugins” into your address bar
Find the “Adobe Flash Player” entry, and click the “Disable” link.


Click the “Options” gear icon
Select “Manage add-ons”, Click “Shockwave Flash Object” and click “Disable”

June 2015

Start the presses!

Who says print is dead? We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently launched Sway, our new branding journal! Written, designed and produced entirely in-house (and printed by our good friends at Flash Reproductions), Sway is a true labour of love—and one that we hope you’ll love poring over. Content runs the gamut from guidance on internal branding to using cuss words in advertising. If you want to buy a copy, visit us at (and look for articles to be posted regularly). We didn’t want to snub the digital realm entirely, after all. Check it out at

June 2015

Quality time

In the wake of several highly publicized Canadian drug quarantines, we helped generic pharmaceutical company (and our longtime client) Teva Canada create a video that puts to bed any concerns about the safety of their own manufacturing practices. The video, filmed in our studio and at Teva’s facilities, features the company’s quality expert answering a series of questions about facility inspections, ingredient suppliers and more. We’re proud of our work on this video, and proud of our history with Teva—a company that’s always ahead of the pack when it comes to addressing tough industry issues head-on.

June 2015

Bringing more to the table (and chairs)

Spec is a Canadian furniture company that produces truly high-quality furniture—and they needed marketing materials to match. Having already developed Spec’s new website, we went to work redesigning all of their product brochures. These new brochures take institutional furniture and place it in well-designed interiors, making it easy for clients to imagine Spec’s products as solutions in their own spaces, from hospital waiting areas to collaborative classrooms.

June 2015

Getting carried away

We didn’t know much about cable carriers when we began this project. But now, having built a website for Tsubaki subsidiary Kabelschlepp, we’re veritable experts who know our hose jackets from our frame stays. We designed the CMS to make it easy for our client to update; we also incorporated a step-by-step tool that lets customers quickly obtain a quote online. We love digging in to super-specific industries like Kabelschlepp’s—long live the cable carrier!

June 2015

Judge not, lest…?

Partner and creative director Carey George can add another item to his list of accomplishments—he was chosen to sit on the panel for the Applied Arts Awards, one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious design shows. According to Applied Arts, the panel is made up of “highly regarded industry professionals” (ahem). The ability to fold a perfect pocket square isn’t a prerequisite, but Carey’s got that covered too, just in case.

June 2015

LIVE IT and learn

When Mackenzie Investments developed LIVE IT, a new way of thinking about investments that steers clear of baffling jargon around equities, options, debentures, etc., they brought Goods & Services on board. Our work included developing a brand identity, advertising campaign (including print, out-of-home and online ads) and efficient CMS website in both English and French. Consumer-friendly and inviting in a way that most investment materials can only dream of being, the LIVE IT site and collateral are great successes all around.

November 2014

Hello, Handsome

Here’s a new release that’s close to our hearts: Handsome Brut, our very own sparkling wine brand, is approachable, delicious—and on the shelves at the LCBO! We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this bubbly (as did our good friends at Niagara’s Angels Gate Winery, who make the wine) and hope that you’ll soon be enjoying a pour of your own. We’re also running a contest to win Handsome Brut T-shirts, complimentary tastings at Angels Gate Winery, and other swag—as well as a monthly grand prize VIP tasting for 10 people. Find out more at View our Hockey Brut video.

November 2014

Good fences make good neighbours

...As long as you’ve got a survey plan, that is! We developed the brand identity and website for Protect Your Boundaries—a new website and online store that enables Greater Toronto Area homeowners to purchase an existing survey plan of their home—as well as creating a booth and handouts for trade shows.

November 2014

Not to brag, but...

We’ve added a couple of new awards to our trophy case! (Okay, we don’t have an actual trophy case.) First, we nabbed a coveted Award of Excellence from Communication Arts for our new stationery. We also won an Award of Excellence in the 2014 Videographer Awards for our motion-graphics piece describing the land-surveying information resource, Protect Your Boundaries. Please excuse us while we enjoy a celebratory sip of Handsome Brut (see above). View the Protect Your Boundaries video.