RSA Insurance

Since 2012, we’ve been RSA Insurance’s marketing agency of record. During that time, we’ve produced hundreds of materials, from buckslips and brochures to presentations and promotions.

To be successful, RSA must have the support and confidence of its broker partners, who can then make recommendations to their customers about the high-quality insurance products offered by RSA. Our work is to continually position the brand as the best and one of the largest Canadian coast-to-coast insurers—and one that behaves differently from the rest of the industry.

We worked with RSA to develop the “What if...” ad campaign, a flexible advertising framework that could encompass both corporate messaging and tactical, product-related ads. The goal of this campaign was to take the most common insurance industry narrative (“What if a disaster strikes?”) and turn it into a more positive, optimistic and aspirational narrative (“What if we worked together to transform insurance?”)

We also have created a number of videos for RSA, including some showcasing service-success stories, as well as motion-graphics videos to introduce new products and programs. We helped re-launch the RSA brand in the Quebec marketplace (after a 10-year absence); collateral included multiple product brochures (both for brokers and for customers) advertising and presentations.

We continue to work with RSA on ongoing advertising and marketing initiatives, digital promotions, product launches, educational programs and brand positioning.

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