William F. White International is among North America’s most recognizable names in movie and television production—having worked on projects ranging from The Handmaid’s Tale, Fargo and Once Upon a Time to The Revenant, Inception and The Shape of Water.

That’s why we were excited to work with them on their recent brand evolution.

As the industry leader in Canada, Whites had strong brand recognition, but, as with most companies that experience rapid growth, they found their brand elements were sometimes being used inconsistently. Another change to the company was the recent, and ongoing, acquisition of new product lines, such as cameras, and new studio facilities, all of which needed to hold a key role in an updated brand architecture.

We were hired to help articulate a consistent expression of the brand, from its graphic identity to its brand story and messaging.

We began by gathering insights from the Whites team, followed by a customer research program, to ensure we aligned our work with what the company’s leaders and their customers thought about the brand, its strategy and its potential. This ensured that our messaging would communicate an authentic and relevant story.

We then created a refreshed identity, which optimized the logo for online viewing, and shortened the brand name to the one that customers used: Whites, rather than the more formal William F. White International Inc. This allowed us to create more concise sub-brands for the company’s main services.

We applied the identity to all areas of the company: business cards and brochures, as well as vehicles and signage.

The company’s new website, which we designed and developed, offers customer-friendly functionality, such as the ability to create a list of shoot equipment to receive a quote (a feature that saves time both for customers and for customer service representatives).

On the website, we evolved the functionality of the popular Whites Toolbelt to include more resources for filmmakers, such as information on electrical formulas, dimming controls, cabling diagrams and more.

We also worked with the Whites inventory team to create a database that could manage more than 4,000 pieces of rental movie equipment. Because Whites is known throughout the film and television industry for its leadership in education and news on industry events, the new website showcases these topics in a dedicated section.

The website is fully responsive and offers an easy-to-use content management system, allowing the Whites teams to update content and inventory instantly.

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