0 to 100

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The beginning of the project was humble. Flash Reproductions told us about a cool new bookbinding technique—a gutterless process, which allows images to print seamlessly across each spread. Intrigued by the possibilities, we brainstormed ideas about how best to try it out. From there, we enlisted well-known photographer Sandy Nicholson, and a critical mass of other partners, for a unique collaboration.

The result is 0 to 100, a graphic and verbal narrative on aging. The project—which consisted of a book, an iPad app and a photography exhibition—includes 101 photographs (representing each age, from mere weeks to a full century old).

We designed, wrote and produced the limited-edition book, in which every subject reflects on aging.

We then used our privileges as a beta tester for the (then) new Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to design and develop an interactive iPad app. The app features the full set of photographs, allowing users to scroll to view photographs (and scroll down to read each person’s statement about aging); watch videos of select subjects; and play with FaceMaker, a fun mix-and-match feature that divides portraits into thirds, allowing users to change up eyes, noses and mouths to create completely new portraits.

0 to 100 stands among the most award-winning project that we (and our partners) have produced to date, with recognition from the New York Art Directors Club, ADCC Directions, UnderConsideration’s FPO Awards, Applied Arts and Design Edge. Media coverage included spotlights on fastcompany.com, gizmodo.com, designtaxi.com and Notcot.org.

Another tangible measure of the project’s success: 46,000+ app downloads on iTunes—despite little to no supporting promotion.