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Investment funds have generally been sold on the basis of their attributes: equities, options, mutual funds, debentures, dividends, etc.—terms that can be baffling to many casual investors.

Mackenzie Investments decided to launch a new way of thinking about investments, one that took the perspective of the investor. Mackenzie’s market research determined that investors’ concerns fall into six main categories, which were then built out into an easy-to-remember acronym of LIVE-IT: longevity (people are living longer, which affects their need for savings), income (low interest rates don’t produce significant returns), volatility (markets have been on a rollercoaster for years), estate (people want to hand off their money to the next generation), inflation (today’s savings will lose value) and taxation (people want to pay the minimum).

Goods & Services was hired to develop a brand identity, CMS website and advertising campaign for LIVE-IT.

While the program was developed for advisors and investors alike, the identity needed to be consumer-friendly, while still sharing a family resemblance to the parent brand.

We worked with the Mackenzie team to develop and implement a CMS website in English and French. The site included controlled—and more technical—information, which was available only to investment advisors, as well as public information, which was available to investors. Our CMS allowed information to be added and updated efficiently: with only one upload, each new resource could appear across the entire site in the multiple places where it was required.

The robust advertising campaign supported the launch program and transitioned into crucial RRSP season—this included print, out-of-home and online ads.

Finally, we collaborated on a marketing plan to ensure that all elements were rolled out in a consistent, on-message and seamless way as the campaign worked through several phases.

We’re pleased to report that Mackenzie Investments won Wealth Professional’s Advertising Campaign of the Year award for the LIVE-IT launch.