Orchid Housekeeping

B2C / Brand implementation / Brand strategy & positioning / Competitive audits / Content creation / Customer research & analysis / Graphic design / Ideation / Key messaging / Logo & brand design / Naming / Package design

Establishing a strong, unique brand position is essential for startups—especially for those offering a new spin on a familiar product or service.

Orchid Housekeeping was just that: an innovative cleaning service that brings five-star, hotel-level cleaning to houses, condos and apartments at a price comparable to most other cleaning services. We were tasked with creating a brand identity that communicated this unique offering to potential customers.

We started by diving into market research, learning about the competitive landscape by examining Orchid’s leading competitors and gaining insights into unmet needs by performing in-depth customer interviews. From this research, we created customer profiles to guide us in communicating the advantages of choosing Orchid.

Based on this work, we then created a brand identity to reflect the luxury-level cleaning that Orchid provided. We began by leveraging the written and visual languages used by luxury hotels, instead of the typical communications used by cleaning services. Given our agency’s extensive experience in the world of upscale hospitality, our creative team was well-equipped to develop key messages, a logo and a tagline—“hotel flair without the five-star fare”—that communicated Orchid’s approach to potential customers quickly and effectively.

Because the tagline suggested the message of affordability, the logo needed to complement it by communicating the brand’s “luxury” qualities. We designed a typographic ligature for the Orchid logo, artfully combining the letters O and H into a mark that suggested both a hotel key and a piece of high-end jewellery. 

We incorporated these identifiers into a wide range of hotel-related collateral, such as stationery, door hangers, turn-down cards and employee uniforms, to further support the company’s five-star positioning in real-world interactions with customers. Finally, we developed a social media and advertising system that spoke to the concerns and aspirations of Orchid’s target market of upwardly mobile city dwellers with busy schedules and little time to clean.

The result? A new brand that reveals a unique brand promise.