Teva Canada

By the very nature of their industry, generic pharmaceuticals are resistant to branding. In terms of brand positioning, strict Canadian laws prevent any insinuation of a better or different product. In terms of tactics, giveaways and consumer incentives aren’t allowed, and prices are set by provincial governments.

But that didn’t stop us from trying, starting in 2008, when Teva Novopharm (now Teva Canada) hired us to develop a competitive brand positioning and revitalization. Through stakeholder research, we uncovered key areas of differentiation, and we rolled that differentiation into a strong, sustainable brand position. Since then, we’ve worked with Teva on implementing their brand across all materials, from brochures to websites, iPad apps, videos, corporate communications and—ironically—brand advertising.

Customer research & analysis
Competitive audits
Business analysis
Brand positioning
Digital strategy
User-interface design
Digital marketing
Apps & digital publishing
Website development
Brand identity, logo & wordmark
Brand implementation & production
Key messages
Naming & taglines
Corporate communications
Branded content
Marketing & advertising
Video & motion graphics
Account management