Boardwalk Insurance

B2B / Brand implementation / Content creation / Digital marketing / Graphic design / Marketing / SEO & Digital Strategy / Social media

At the time of our introduction, Boardwalk Insurance was a new online insurance brokerage specializing in policies for small- to medium-sized businesses. The company had developed a custom online platform that allowed their customers to get fast, competitive quotes, buy their policies online, and self-manage their coverage or claims, with no need to make an appointment. Behind the platform, though, was also a team of experienced, friendly service agents, who could lend a personalized touch whenever a customer needed one.

Boardwalk was looking to scale up their market share in a cost-effective manner. We knew that the best use of a startup’s budget was to create a paid search and social media campaign.

To begin, we created a marketing plan, which included a social media strategy and a paid-search strategy. The plan included an editorial calendar for social posts and blog articles. These articles would focus on topics relevant to the target audience of small-business owners. When promoted via social channels, the articles would provide a useful resource to customers, and would also help boost organic SEO for Boardwalk’s website.

Our paid-search strategy included SEO and keyword analysis of Boardwalk’s industry and website, to ensure we were creating the most cost-effective bid strategy.

Once all of the paid-search strategy and social media strategy were approved, we then created all social media posts, paid search ads and blog articles.

The consistent design and content of all of these elements helped to reinforce Boardwalk’s brand identity: friendly, distinct and fresh, with easy-to-understand language that speaks directly to the needs and concerns of their target audiences.

We created analytics reports to measure the ROI of the campaign as we implemented it. The results exceeded industry standards:

  • paid search accounted for 62% of all traffic to the website
  • clickthrough rate was 25% higher than industry standard
  • average cost per click was 10x lower than industry standard (cost per conversion was also multiple times lower)

The social media campaign delivered even better results; among Boardwalk’s channels, we saw:

Perhaps more importantly, those social posts also led to a strong increase in engaged traffic to the Boardwalk website: