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Hospitals fight a daily battle against antibiotic-resistant bacteria and other dangerous pathogens. But ordinary disinfection methods are subject to human error: one missed spot can lead to a potentially fatal outbreak of infection.

Solaris Disinfection Inc had developed a new technology that uses pulsed UV light from high-powered xenon lamps, delivered via a portable robot, to safely and effectively eliminate germs in seconds.

We worked with the Solaris team to develop a name, tagline, brand position and complete identity for the company itself and the device.

The new company name, “Solaris,” references the connection between UV light and the sun’s rays.

While the device itself is at the leading edge of technology, we developed the name “Lytbot” to give it the unintimidating, friendly personality of a consumer product—a must in ensuring the comfort level of the hospital staff who will use the device in their day-to-day disinfection activities. In choosing a name, we also avoided making any reference to the specific xenon-light technology that’s currently being used, to allow for new technologies to be adopted as they evolve.

The brand positioning employs a tough, clear call to action: wage war on superbugs, in simple language that makes it immediately obvious what Solaris stands for.

We rolled this positioning out into the marketing strategy and key messages to demonstrate the benefit to different decision-makers throughout the healthcare system, from CFOs to infection preventionists to environmental services leaders.

The identity uses a crosshair image to reinforce the concept of “taking aim” at superbugs. This image also creates a pattern to add texture to different applications.