Holiday Crackers

Content creation / Graphic design / Ideation / Package design

Every year, we create a festive holiday gift for our clients; for 2016, our creative team decided to have some fun with holiday crackers.

We searched the globe to capture the most unusual “giving” holiday creatures, creating crackers that include a story unique to each character.

Tio De Nadal, a friendly log found in Spain, is beaten with a stick by children on Christmas eve until it poops out small presents. Yule Cat, a notorious feline native to Iceland, pounces and gobbles up farmhands who haven’t finished their winter’s work. Kallikantzaroi, a southeastern European goblin, creates mayhem for villagers and townsfolk during the 12 days of Christmas, by souring their milk, terrorizing their farm animals and generally being a nasty menace. The final character, Namahage, is a New Year’s ogre who storms into Japanese families’ homes and can only be placated by tasty treats.

To complete the experience, we created a web “click” game app featuring the characters, with an addictive high-score notification and results messages such as, “you’ve disappointed everybody.”

The gift components included custom packaging that included the story of each character, crackers, crowns and button prizes for each character, as well as an online game app.