New Year’s Resolution Starter Pack

Content creation / Graphic design / Ideation

New Year’s resolutions—many of us make them; few of us keep them.

For a unique holiday gift, we wanted to start our clients off on the right foot, by helping facilitate a few good turns. To do this, we worked with a registered charity called Canada Helps—a clearinghouse for dozens of national and international charities—to generate unique, prepaid donation codes (prepaid by us, that is) to allow each recipient to choose their charity.

Using the theme of New Year’s resolutions, we then created a small, custom notebook to house the donation code, along with fun, illustrated resolution ideas, such as “Only get takeout on days that end in ‘Y’,” or “Browse the Netflix menu for no more than five minutes a day.”

We worked with our friends at Flash Reproductions, who added a unique donation code to each notebook using variable data printing. This process also allowed us to create multiple colors for the notebooks, which offered variety (useful when distributed to clients who work together). A holographic foil added to the seasonal flair of the piece, which also included a branded pencil and metal pencil holder, all wrapped in a reusable fabric bag.