Wayward Arts

Content creation / Editorial design / Graphic design / Ideation / Social media / User-Interface Design / Website development

Wayward Arts, a publication printed by Flash Reproductions, features monthly issues curated by Canada’s top creative agencies.

With a mandate to demonstrate the theme of “community” in any manner we chose, we worked with photographer Craig Samuel to profile Toronto’s coolest guitar shop, and one of the city’s best-kept secrets: Capsule Music. With a focus on the vintage guitars and gear that created the legendary music of the past—and the people who make the legendary music of today—the magazine is a rocking good time.

Through a combination of on-site photography and interviews with the subjects, the design and editorial focus allowed the community to “tell” its own story, adding a layer of first-person authenticity.

We also chose a larger format for the magazine, with no binding. This allows the spreads to be pulled apart and displayed as posters—an idea inspired by the culture of the music industry, in which posters are part of the vocabulary.

The issue was also available as a free download from the App Store, which allowed us to add video and music to enhance the experience.