Icarus Developments

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It’s no secret that Canada’s cities are running out of land to develop—as a result, developers need to be more creative in their approach to finding land.

As a boutique company, Icarus Developments has a unique ability—based on the years of experience of its founder—to see potential redevelopment opportunities that other, larger companies miss.

Being a new company, however, meant that Icarus needed a strong brand presence that would reassure their stakeholders that they are dealing with a smart, nimble company that is dedicated and knowledgeable in the ways that will see a project to completion.

We worked together with Icarus to uncover features about their company that could assuage some of the typical concerns that property owners have when approached by a developer, such as maintaining the character of a neighbourhood, ensuring a threshold of certainty in sales and operating transparently throughout the whole process.

Through our brand roadmapping process, it became apparent to us that the engineering background of the company’s founder was a true differentiator. Not only does engineering bring to mind positive associations such as responsibility and good project management, it also speaks to the technical understanding needed to determine the viability of a development once a parcel of land has been identified.

Once this position was agreed-upon, we developed key messages to support the main idea that Icarus finds—and makes—space for people in the country’s most dynamic city.

With the brand positioning and key messaging in place, we set about designing a wordmark and colour scheme for Icarus that communicated the company’s sophistication while staying true to its roots of accountability and attention to detail.

Our designers applied distinctively Toronto imagery to the website to convey the urban sophistication of Icarus projects, while our editorial team created content that spoke to all stakeholders: property owners, investors, partners and communities.

Shortly after launching their new branding and website, Icarus Developments noted a strong increase in returns on their initial communications with property owners.

It was a pleasure working with the G&S team on this site. It turned out great and I am already reaping some benefits from it. Looking forward to chatting more as I grow the company and the website.

—Kevin Chan, P.Eng, MBA, owner, Icarus Developments