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Krcmar Surveyors is one of Canada’s most successful land surveying companies, specializing in condominium development in the Greater Toronto Area.

We were tasked with rebranding the company to refresh their identity and to better align their brand promise with their expertise.

We began with a program of customer research and an industry audit. In this, we learned that Krcmar is widely considered to be the most innovative company of their kind as well as the company that operates with the highest standards—going beyond what’s expected (creating an accurate survey) and becoming a trusted member of the development team due, in part, to their deep understanding of the complexity of condo developments. Krcmar’s unique approach (including their trademarked Condo: Start to Finish Process™) helps developers avoid costly errors and delays, obtain efficient condominium registration and achieve business goals.

Our brand roadmap detailed Krcmar’s brand positioning, clarifying their target-customer profiles and articulating a clear brand strategy. We then developed key messaging and created a new tagline, “Beyond Boundaries.” The new brand-identity platform included a logo, typeface, colour palette and brand-specific photographic styling. Finally, we implemented all brand elements throughout the company’s new job-site signage, stationery, a website and Krcmar’s proprietary TimeMetrics software interface.

After the rebrand was implemented, we continued to work with Krcmar, creating the identity, website and marketing materials for their Condo: Start to Finish and Protect Your Boundaries projects.

We feel that you have always treated us with the utmost respect and care, as if our venture was your venture. For all these reasons and many more, we are grateful to be working with G&S and would not hesitate to recommend your firm to others seeking exceptional results.

— Saša Krcmar OLS, MBA, Principal & Condo Specialist, Krcmar Surveyors Ltd.