Content creation / Graphic design / Ideation / Package design

We teamed up with our friends at Flash Reproductions to create a unique holiday gift: a flight of three different grades of maple syrup, which we sourced from Matthews Maple Syrup, a family-owned farm in Powassan, Ontario.

Ranging from light to medium to amber, each of the syrups was custom bottled and labelled with a Canadiana concept.

We chose über-Canadian names for the styles of syrup: light was “Pure as the Song of a Voyageur,” medium was “Smooth as the Shot of a Hockey Player,” and the more full-flavoured amber was “Burly as the Arms of a Lumberjack.”

All three syrups are nestled inside a specially designed box, featuring classic Canadian patterns and images, from skis and snowshoes. Thanks to precision measurement and cutting techniques, each bottle sits snugly inside its own slot in the custom-made box, held in place by the box’s label.

As an added bonus, the box itself is made entirely of paper, with no plastic required.