B2B / Brand strategy & positioning / Content creation / Key messaging / Marketing / Squarespace implementation

One of the challenges that most startups face is determining how best to tell their story.

Product information, testimonials, reviews and a compelling backstory all help to confer legitimacy, but a growing company sometimes needs help pulling it all together into interesting content.

That was the position that Mariner Endosurgery found themselves in when they approached us to help them develop their new website. Mariner had patented and developed an innovative device called LaparoGuard, which uses augmented reality to greatly enhance the safety of endoscopic surgeries. Through a successful one-on-one sales strategy, Mariner already had LaparoGuard devices in use in hospitals throughout the United States and Canada. The team now was ready to expand their footprint, with increased sales calls, and installations at trade shows and other industry events.

They required a website that could both convey the effectiveness of LaparoGuard and the Mariner team’s professionalism—two essential qualities for a vendor selling a high-end, niche product to hospitals, clinics and health systems.

We worked with Mariner to uncover key messages for the website’s content: namely, a) that LaparoGuard was designed by a working surgeon, and b) the ease with which LaparoGuard could be adapted into existing surgical processes.

Because Mariner’s major industry events were around the corner, we had to turn these findings into a professional website on a tight timeline. Here, we leveraged the power of a templated website builder, which was fast, cost-effective and would allow the team at Mariner to make easy updates on the fly as needed.

At the same time, our editorial team developed clear, benefits-driven content to drive home the value of LaparoGuard to prospective audiences—customers and investors alike. We introduced testimonials from clinicians who had already added LaparoGuard to their arsenal—and supplemented it all with peer-reviewed evidence highlighting the need for further safety in minimally invasive surgeries.

Finally, clear calls to action meant that a user never has to look very far to get in contact with the Mariner team.